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The Way to Avoid Paying Too Much To A Condo

What’s the Finest Condo Purchase?

That depends on you. If you’re merely hoping to have somewhere to stay and cash is short, then you might be in the resale industry. The cost of a resale or formerly owned residence will generally be more affordable than a brand new condo or condo conversion. Therefore, if you’re fresh from college and you simply don’t wish to cover rent, you can most likely find exactly what you would like from the resale industry.

If you’ve”criteria” to maintain (i.e., you require granite countertops, hardwood flooring, and a sub-zero fridge), then you’ll discover your criteria are more readily fulfilled by way of a condo conversion or brand new condo development.

What is the distinction? A Hong Leong Holdings Orchard Condo conversion is an already existing construction, typically an apartment, which is”converted” to a condominium. A new condo is constructed from the floor up to your own unit.

For many, obtaining the shiny new construction is attractive. But remember you do not have the shrubs or the outside of the building. You only own what’s inside of your device.

You basically get a brand-new condo with a condo conversion with no brand-new building cost. The condo conversion might be new appliances, brand new flooring, BUT the same old bathroom, windows and tub.

Additionally, it depends upon your short and long-term plans. Right.

As soon as you purchase it, whether fresh, resale or converted, it’ll be a”resale” to another owner.

That resale value can allow you to proceed to a townhouse or single family dwelling. If the sector is flat in 2010, then it will most likely be a lot easier to market than three years old condo within the 25-year-old condo.

But if the industry is powerful, there might be little cost difference. The laws of demand and supply are always the main element. After the supply of condos is reduced and there’s high need. Buyers will forget the processor in the cupboard and the dull toilet flooring.


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