Tips for Keeping Your Baby Healthy and Safe

Here are some things to keep in mind to keep your baby secure and healthy. Bear in mind, preemies, teens, and babies are vulnerable to illness.

  • Be sure all visitors wash their hands before touching your baby.
  • Be sure people aren’t sick when coming to see.

Assist protect your infant. Make sure to:

  • Always put your baby when traveling in any car.
  • Never leave infant unattended (especially in the vehicle, tub, best changing table, or about another raised area).
  • Always keep 1 hand on your infant when on the table or on some other location that is elevated, in the tub.

Shaken baby syndrome may lead to brain damage, blindness or death.  Set baby on his trunk to sleep to decrease the probability of sudden infant death syndrome.

Before committing a tub

  • Always test the temperature of this water.
  • Utilize a non-skid mat.

When feeding your infant

  • Never prop a bottle.
  • Assess nipples and pacifiers for both tears and holes. Before feeding your infant
  • Always test the temperature of breast milk/formula.
  • Never leave young children or pets alone.
  • Don’t take baby whenever you’re holding or cooking beverages that are hot.
  • Be certain your infant’s toys are secure.
  • Unattended or remove toys from the crib as soon as your baby is sleeping.
  • Never provide an infant. Honey has been connected with botulism.