Tired of Google Play Store? Switch to 9 Apps

Have you heard about the new distribution software for android? 9 Apps is the new distribution software that is slowly rising to the top. It is just like Google Play Store but a better version of it. Google Play Store is where you can download your needed and favorite application for your android smartphone. However, the problem with Google Play Store is that it takes so much of the phone’s memory because it still keeps its installation package in the phone even after you have successfully installed it. It takes hundreds of megabytes in your phone and for some, this amount of memory is already a lot.

For 9 Apps, the case is different. The developers of 9 Apps cater this problem and solved it. Do you know that 9 Apps will only take a few kilobytes of your phone’s memory? That is way better than what the Google Play Store is taking majority of the people who are now aware of the existence of 9 Apps are switching to this new distribution software.

9 Apps was first developed in China by Alibaba. This application has worked so well that it has expanded to Russia, India and other countries. Though it is still not available for everyone all over the world, with the continuous growth of its users, sooner or later it will surely make its way to the android users of the entire world. So visit 9 Apps website and read about it for you to know more about this android distribution software. See if it is available in your country and download for you to be able to witness what 9 Apps users have been talking about. It is high time that you get to save so much of your phone’s space for the applications that you want to download and not for the applications that will render your phone useless or boring to you because it has already taken up almost all the space in your phone.